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Updated: Apr 23, 2023

"When you focus on placing your attention on your alignment, and your inner potential, then you are cultivating yourself, and what better thing to put attention on."
- Nick Pastula

Sales and Marketing Consultant, Personal and Professional Development Coach


Episode 15: Personal and Professional Development

A Conversation with Nick Pastula


Get an inside look at the Core Resonance process- learn how and why it works and how it can help you be more aligned in your life. In this episode of Doing Differently, Marcel has a conversation with Nick Pastula. Nick helps Marcel with his marketing and sales for his business Core Resonance Works.

Nick shares his deeply transformative experiences with the Core Resonance process. He discusses how he worked with it and why it was transformative for him in his personal and professional life. Nick took to the process like a fish to water and changed the focus of his business as a result of the Core Resonance process.

Listen in as Nick and Marcel talk about alignment and how, "Where you are coming from is just as important as what you are doing." Nick also talks about his work as a full stack marketing and sales consultant in which he helps clients with marketing and sales with an emphasis on personal development.

Here are some highlights from the episode that will help you understand how Nick's Core Resonance statement has helped him align himself with his business and personal life:

  • Nick was looking to do more consultant work with integrative health

    • He had interests in integrative health and Yoga

    • He became connected with Marcel through Chase Bossart

  • Nick went through the Core Resonance process with Marcel and received his own Core Resonance statement at the end- a statement that reminds him of his alignment with his work

    • Nick studies and meditates on his Core Resonance statement often and sits with it and pays attention, and he's integrated it into his daily routine

  • We are often much more focused on what's affecting us or what we're trying to get done

    • The Core Resonance process helps you to practice a pattern of "seeding" and activating your alignment

  • Nick put his statement into practice in his daily life

    • With enough practice, his alignment moved to the front of his mind

    • It became easy to use and refer back to when making important decisions with his business and his life

  • Core Resonance is like a muscle- you have to practice it in order for it to become effective

  • Nick found the self-reinforcing component to be eye-opening

    • Nick thought about his methodology- he realized that he liked to help people and share info and add value to that info

    • Using the Core Resonance as a tool, he realized that his is a transformational coach, who focuses on personal development through sales and marketing

  • Core Resonance, the system, is you!


To hear more about the Core Resonance process and how others have experienced it, check out Episode 11: A Journey of Alignment, A Conversation with Stacey Loop. Stacey talks about how Core Resonance helped her realign herself with her business.


Nick Pastula is a transformational coach with expertise in sales and marketing. He helps his clients reach their full potential in their professional and personal lives. Whether you're looking to improve your sales and marketing skills, achieve fitness goals, or improve your overall connection with yourself and your business, Nick can guide you every step of the way.

To learn more about Nick and his services, please visit his website:


This podcast is sponsored by Core Resonance Works.

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Doing Differently- Episode Fifteen- Transcript

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