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New Episode Just Released! 

New Episode just released! Click below to listen to the podcast. 


Having your Work Support Your Healing and Transformation

Sponsored by Core Resonance Works


In this episode, Marcel Allbritton (PhD, C-IAYT) welcomes back Dr. Carrie Heeter for another conversation about Core Resonance.  What if you could find the most ideal people to work with - for your personality, your expertise, and your abilities? External Core Resonance is a program designed to help you identify ideal clients or ideal people to work with and collaborate with.

If you're a practiced person, you want your life experiences to be nourishing and supportive and  to have depth for you and for others. Since work is where we spend a lot of time, our work experiences matter. 

One of the best ways to influence your own development and transformation is to find your people—the people that you are most nourished by, supported by, and connected to.  When you are interacting with your people, the experiences will be richer and deeper for you and for them.

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Sponsored by Core Resonance Works

Hi, I'm Marcel Allbritton. Welcome to doing differently. Are change, healing, and transformation important to you in your personal or work life? Join me and my guests as we share the knowledge and tools to help you change, heal and transform. Every other week, we share a story, have a conversation, and give you practical tips.


If you are into healing or if understanding and supporting healing is an important part of your work, this show is for you. We help you see the whole picture and connect the dots. We share new ideas and perspectives. We inform and support you. We deliver value to you. 

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