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"The more they work with it [breath], the more they can have that experience of how to bring themself to that space and place and be able to live from that space a little bit more."
- Becky Deano

Yoga Therapist & Psychotherapist


Episode 16: Using Movement and Breath to Support Talk Therapy and Psychotherapy

A Conversation with Becky Deano


Why don't many therapists use breathing and movement as a part of their work with clients? In this episode, learn what is essential for effective use of movement and breathing in a therapeutic context.

Marcel welcomes Becky Deano, a psychotherapist who became a Yoga therapist. Together, Becky and Marcel discuss how movement and breathing techniques can support talk therapy and psychotherapy. They emphasize how movement and breathing can be used to change the state of the client so the session can be more effective and allow the practitioner to see the state of the client more clearly. Listen in to hear them share the fundamental principles that are essential to consider when using breath and movement to support talk therapy or psychotherapy.

Here are some highlights from the conversation with Becky that will help you understand the connection between Yoga therapy and psychotherapy:

  • Becky is an LPC- she has always been interested in psychology and dreams

    • During her studies, she discovered Yoga therapy and began to integrate what she learned in Yoga with what she was learning in psychotherapy

  • Yoga Therapy: using the body of knowledge of Yoga to help individuals with health issues or therapeutic issues, usually in a clinical setting or done one on one

  • Breath and movement are subtle and not prescriptive

    • As a therapist, you learn how to observe people while they are moving and breathing

    • Regular movement and breathing practice can help clients learn how to regulate themselves

  • Breathing can help clients calm down and access their own mindfulness much more easily than just being told

    • This can really help clients who suffer from anxiety or depression find a much calmer state of mind

  • Becky takes a spiritual approach in her work

    • Slowing down the mind helps clients to hear a different, more positive voice that can ease anxiety and depression

    • The system is designed to self-heal, and using breathing techniques can help clients reach that point of self-healing within their mind and body

  • As clients progress in their practice, they state to develop an organic intelligence in their body

    • They being to spend time with themselves and develop a relationship with themselves

    • This can help them understand more about the different voices inside of them and why the are saying what they are saying


To hear more about the connections between psychotherapy and Yoga therapy, check out Episode 13: Therapy for the Therapist, A Conversation with Janell Kalifey.


Becky Deano (C-IYAT) was introduced to Yoga in 2000 while completing her Masters in Counseling and Depth Psychology at the Pacific Graduate Institute. After a successful career in commercial real estate, she became interested in psychology and dreams and decided to shift her career in that direction. During her studies, she became interested in Yoga therapy and how it can be effective in psychotherapy. After receiving her Yoga therapy certification, she and several other teacher opened a Yoga studio called Yoga Sanga, where she teaches a Yoga Sutra class. You can learn more about Becky and her work at her website:


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